Megalodon vs sperm whale

The Second scenario is what if the sperm whale was moby dick? They might fight another tiger two or three times in their lives if they keep winning. We hope you enjoy your visit. By some calculations, Megalodon wielded the most powerful bite somewhere between 11 and 18 tons of force per square inch of any animal that ever lived, and it had an unusual talent for shearing off its prey's tough, cartilaginous fins, then zooming in for the kill once its adversary had been rendered immobile in the water. Because of my background as a science writer and editor, I bring the eyes of science as well as the eyes of love to what I write about. Modern day killer whales As stated earlier the killer whale may have also been a worthy competitor due to their highly develop social structure and effective hunting methods.
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Megalodon vs. Leviathan - Who Wins?

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Megalodon vs. Sperm Whale

The whale was only twenty feet away, when the Megalodon twisted its body above the sperm whale, narrowly dodging the battering ram head of the cetacean. And what if, despite its best efforts at the outset of battle, it didn't succeed in quickly shearing off its adversary's fins? Obviously, Megalodon is the faster and considerably more agile aquatic predator compared to a Sperm Whale , and has a higher chance of scoring an ambush attack due to its hunting tactics. Was there an animal which can defeat megalodon?
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Granted livyatan is smarter than the megalodon but they have the same size and strenght and the megalodon is faster and more agile. Sperm whale This is a difficult question Mace because behavior of Megalodon is obscure. Who would win, a bull sperm whale or a pod of orcas? Much larger than the 18 meter Megalodon.
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Who would win a fight, a blue whale or a Orca or false killer whale? Noteworthy competitors While the megalodon was an apex predator it was not impervious to being harmed. Bright Nights Feb 13 , In regards to hunting sharks killer whales are known to distract them and sneak up on them to flip them on their back where they become paralyzed and unable to attack. Mature male saltwater crocs can be 6 metres 20 ft or more and weigh 1, kilograms 2, lb or larger. Length, 16 metres 52 ft Weight, 41, kilograms 40 long tons; 45 short tons.
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