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Proteins which catalyse or speed up chemical reactions inside our bodies. Chromosomes are composed of or carry DNA. In some fungi, such as Neurospora crassa , spermatia are identical to microconidia as they can perform both functions of fertilization as well as giving rise to new organisms without fertilization. Why were Italy and Japan both dissatisfied with the peace settlements provided in the Treaty of Indeed Meiosis II is very similar to mitosis. Egg cell is haploid or diploid?
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Fertilization terminology: gametes, zygotes, haploid, diploid

Gametes sperm and ova are haploid cells. Which has a better relative position: Are eggs and sperm haploid or diploid? In meiosis, how does prophase I differ from prophase II?
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Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Experts have discovered that sperms have to travel distances that are around 1, times their own length while they swim in the right direction towards the egg. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. The commercial common potato crop is propagated vegetatively asexual reproduction through mitosis , [5] in which case new individuals are produced from a single parent, without the involvement of gametes and fertilization, and all the offspring are genetically equal to each other and to the parent. In plants, this probably most often occurs from the pairing of meiotically unreduced gametes , and not by diploid—diploid hybridization followed by chromosome doubling.
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Then, in anaphase I, the spindle fibers contract and pull the homologous pairs, each with two chromatids, away from each other and toward each pole of the cell. Sperm cell is haploid or diploid? I want someone to double check my answer. Interphase G1, S, G2: During prophase II, the chromosomes condense, and a new set of spindle fibers forms. Include an example of a disorder that occurs because of nondisjunction.
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